About Me

Roman Adamita

I am Roman Adamita! Founder of Picardes

I was born in the biggest country on the World, which is full of the most beautiful girls in the middle of winter. After 2 years, I moved from my home city. I went to elementary school in Moldova. Later, I immigrated to the Istanbul. I went to high school there and learned a new language.


I like the space and have a strong love for the science. The investigation and research part affects me deeply because you are always learning something new. All the questions may have their answers, but for me, it is not important that all the answers must be true. In my opinion, there are no false answers, yet there bad attitude; such as being silent or judging somebody without coming up with a solid argument.


Creativity is such a valuable asset. I value the people who have big dreams and think for their future. While doing that the most important thing is being positive and to keep going regardless of the difficulties one can face with. I believe it is critical to be able to look at things from various perspectives, especially when you get down or about to give up your dreams. I believe I am good at noticing the black, white and grey colors of life.


In general, people don’t approach me with ease. It is matter of figuring out the chemistry and I don’t give away formula! The people who know me know that I have a big heart. Love? I am also good at loving and I can always love more. Your typical Capricorn here. It is easier to write down what I feel and tell something from inside. I write poems and I like being romantic.

“La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel.”

Ideally I want a woman whoM I can share my deepest feelings. However your marriage can end up with having two children and beer belly. In addition to this, having a big house and Range Rover would not hurt!. Did I forget to write that I want to live in peace and happiness? No, of course not.


For the short-term future goals, If I could find time from my currently dominating work schedule, I want to travel the world, write a book, play piano, discover the space and most importantly give start to my projects which will later be developed in future.


I love reading and immerse into pages of lived or imaginary experiences. I learned countless lessons and life experiences from various sources that I read. Many would think that I am selfish since I do not share these experiences with others, but I believe everyone pursue their own goals and they live their lifes entirely focused on these goals. It is none of my business to teach them or show them the way, though there is no problem with listening someone’s problems. I am a good listener, but do not expect me to comfort you. Well, again, sometimes I can be tough and critical.


As William Poundstone says that “We are living in the helplessness age. In the past, the competition for having a secure job was not so grueling compared to today. I started to work when I was 16, I did not know anything at that times. I had a chance to join a soft/hardware company. After 7 months, I thought it was not for me and I went to another company. That company also gave thought me important set of skills. After leaving the job I started to educate myself in that area. What the future will bring is unkown yet I am determined to shape it according to my dreams. My dream job is to reach starts and above; to see the stars and planets up there, becoming complete with them. Nothing is impossible, ask the successful people that.

– The End –

The languages I know;

  • Russian (mother language)
  • Romanian (very good)
  • Turkish (very good)
  • English (intermediate)

Don’t hesitate to contact me! roman@picardes.com / LinkedIn

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